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In 1607, a colony named Jamestown was founded by the European country of England. Jamestown was located on the eastern coast which is now Virginia. Jamestown had a mild to hot climate; in the winter the colony was very cold. The colony was near many swampy areas which led to the first problem. The first problem the colonist faced was diseases. There was another problem the English colonist faced, this problem was Starving Time. One other important problem that the colonists faced was hostile Native Americans. Although Jamestown struggled early on, solutions to its problems were found. In this essay I will present my solutions to these problems.

One of the first problems that the colonist at Jamestown had faced was Starving Time. Starving time was when the colonist did not have any food to eat. One of the causes for Starving Time was colonists were not finding enough food, because they spent most of their time searching for gold. Another cause was that Native Americans did not want to trade with the English colonists. The Native Americans did not want to trade with the colonists because they thought colonists were going to take their land. One of the other causes was that colonists did not know how to farm or fish, because they came from the city. The solution for the colonists not having enough food was that the colonists had to go search for food. To find more than enough food the colonists had to make peace with the Indians, so that the natives would teach them how to fish and hunt. One of the solutions for the second cause was that John Rolfe married Pocahontas and then the colonist and the natives were getting along a little better. The solution to the third cause was that the colonist had to make peace with the Indians, so that they could teach them how to fish and hunt. Although this was a major problem for the colonists at Jamestown they faced many other consequences.

A second problem that was faced by the English colonists was diseases. The problem was colonists were getting sick. One of the main causes for this problem was that the English colonists started getting really ill during starving time, because they ate rats, cats, snakes, and even people that were carrying diseases. Another cause of the colonists getting sick was that Jamestown had many swampy rivers. In the swampy rivers there were many mosquitos that were carrying malaria. The mosquitoes bit the colonist and transferred the disease to them. One other cause of the English colonists getting really ill was that they had dirty water to drink. One of the solutions for starving time is that starving time ended once they started searching for food. One of the solutions to mosquitos carrying malaria was that they cleaned up the place and they really never found a cure to that. One of the solutions to the dirty water was that they boiled the dirty water and dug a well to keep it clean. When the colonists were getting ill they started facing another consequence which was the Native Americans attacking English colonists.

One of the main problems that the English colonists faced during the 1600’s was Native Americans attacking the colonists. A cause for English colonists getting attacked by Native Americans was that the colonists were tacking their land. Another cause for the attacks was that the Powhatan Tribe realized that the English colonists were going to stay. The main cause of the Native Americans attacking the colonists was that John Smith believed that the Native Americans should be treated exactly how the Spanish explorers had, so the colonists took what ever they wanted. The solution to the first problem was that the colonist stopped taking the Native Americans land. The solution for the second cause was that they had to make peace and get along better. The solution to the third problem would be to have John Smith to stop believing that. While these are three of the major consequences there were many more that affected their lives.

Although these were three major problems that the colonist faced there were many more. One of them was colonist freezing during the winter, but in my paper I only presented three problems and the causes to the problems. I have also presented my solutions to these problems.


In 1607 a colony named Jamestown was founded by the European country of England. The area that Jamestown was build was around swampy regions. The climate kept changing from mild to hot all the time. The winters were way colder than usual so it was hard to farm. Jamestown was located along the coast which is now to this present day Virginia. The colony was the first established colony by England that survived. Quite a few problems were heading their way. Some of the problems that they had three causes. There was also a point of time that was called “Starving Time”. Where they were running out of food, which they had to vary the portions to give to the colonists. One of the other problems was Hostile Native Americans. This is where the Native Americans started to attack the colonists. Another cause that Jamestown had faced was diseases. The diseases started happening because of the environment and insects. Although Jamestown struggled early on, solutions to its problems were found.

The first major problem Jamestown faced was starving time. One of the reasons that the colonists faced was that they couldn’t find enough food for the entire town. Another reason that they were running out of food was that the colonist became way too lazy and didn’t even want to try to farm. Also the colonists didn’t know how to farm. They came from England which is a big city, so they weren’t used to dirt and grass. One way to solve the starving point is to convince the Native Americans to give them food and in return they will provide weapons and manufactured goods from England. Another proposition that could happen is to get the Native Americans to teach them the basics of farming so they can plant corn, wheat, rice, or any other crop there is. During the starving time the leader, John Smith, came up with this phase that helped them vary their food “He who will not work shall not eat”. Even though this was a major problem, the colonists of Jamestown faced many other dangers.

The second major problems that Jamestown faced were diseases. One main reason was that the water was undrinkable and polluted so it made them seriously ill. Another main reason was that they lived near swampy regions and the mosquitoes that flew around there had bitten the colonists when the mosquitoes had malaria. Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease that can cause 2.7 million deaths a year. One main cause that helped the sickness was the bitter cold winters and the scorching hot summers. One of the solutions was that Jamestown could move and relocate the town away from the swampy regions. Another solution that might help is to stop drinking the polluted water and find another water source in the woods. One more way to help is to get the Native Americans to help them make medicines and creams out of herbs found in the forest. Even though all of the problems that Jamestown has faced so far, there is one more major problem yet to come.

The third major problem that Jamestown had faced were the hostile Native Americans. The hostile Native Americans was actually a point where the Native Americans started attacking the colonists. One cause of this effect was that the colonists kept stealing land from the Native Americans. They also started attacking because the tribe and the town couldn’t speak the same language so they couldn’t communicate. One more cause was that the colonists didn’t give them much respect because they were different. Some solutions that would have been helpful at that time would probably to stop stealing land and start buying it instead. Also the colonists could have tried to learn the Indian language. The last one that I think could have helped would have been to treat the Native Americans as equals. Even though this town has had some major problems, they still made it to the end.

Jamestown may have had some points of time where they seem to all die out instantly. But with the help of England and the Native Americans. Without these three groups helping each other out, even one or two groups didn’t want to help did anyway. I believe that the relationship between them had their ups and downs, but all three made it to the very end. This won’t be the last time that all three will argue and fight for what belongs to them no matter how badly injured they might be.

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